Getting Back into the Astro-Groove


As we return to our work-loaded desks after these holidays, bloated and busting at the seams (or is that just me?), who could possibly remember what's happening on the astrological front? Even I, your astro-professional, need a reminder.

Last we left off, the sky was crammed full of Sagittarius planets… and before that, it was a super-Scorpio overload. Since October, when both Venus and Mars were in Libra, we've been living through these moments of concentrated single-sign energy. It reached its apexes on Oct 22-23 (with six planets in Scorpio) and again on Dec 7-10 and Dec 18-20 (with six planets in Sagittarius).

To sum up the significance of those astro-conglomerations, let's just say: Whenever you've got so many planetary points occupying a single zone of the zodiac, you know you're in for some potent strength… and a marked imbalance.

The smoldering complicatedness of Scorpio fed into the audacious, adventuresome advances of Sagittarius, all in mega-super-doses, and it's no wonder if we're more than a little exhausted from it, hoping against all hope to be granted the time—and the grounding influence—to put our new situations and information into livable action.

Now, with both the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn, the earthy sign with the grand plans consisting of twenty-seven different interlocking pieces that'll come together perfectly at the designated time, we've got what we were hoping for. Of the three earth signs, Capricorn is the best at putting it all together… though it may bide its sweet time before revealing all the details (not unlike a Scorpio) until every one's in place.

Capricorn is such an appropriate energy with which to ring in the New Year, as it's good at making serious resolutions and following through on them—except for the fact that Capricorns also like to set unreasonably high standards for themselves, then often masochistically delight in telling themselves how 'bad' they are for not living up to them.

With Mercury in Capricorn, we've got a great backdrop for our strategic planning initiatives… to kick off the coming twelve months with structures we can build ourselves, step by step, to contain our more-massive-than-usual, Jupiter-in-Sag-inspired dreams. According to the Mercury in Cap mindset, it's better to do something right—even though it may take extra time or effort—than to carry out a hasty, half-assed job and suffer the consequences of fools. The only danger here, of course, is that we'll spend too much time maturely considering… and never get going.

Luckily, with Mars still chomping at the bit for spontaneous stimulation in Sagittarius, there's less chance of delay due to the mental tangles of perfectionism. For every dry, methodical Mercury-in-Capricorn thought, there's a carefree, envelope-pushing Sagittarian action to counterbalance its potential stuffiness. I personally find this to be a very helpful blend, especially on the tail end of such a Sagittarius-stuffed December. The Capricorn influence assists in blunting, but not completely curtailing, the typical crusading vigor of Mars in Sagittarius. Plus, after all those single-sign concentrations, any zodiac diversity is a welcome relief.

Adding to the diversity was Venus's entrance in Aquarius this past Wednesday (Jan 3), giving us one more personal planet in one more sign, just to keep things interesting. Venus in Aquarius loves to mingle with the rainbow-colored variety of individuals that comprise our social world, appreciating the quirks and eccentricities that make us each so unique. Under this Venus placement, we'll do ourselves (and everyone else) a favor by getting back in touch with old friends, people we used to work with, colleagues in the field, or whomever else may satisfy our cravings for human connection. In Aquarius, Venus recognizes the value of joining forces for a common goal, even if it's just sharing ideas and friendship.

Warning, though: When coupled with Mars in Sagittarius, Venus in Aquarius likes her total freedom… and may suddenly turn ice-cold, if she feels she's being pulled down, hindered or halted from doing as she pleases. She might turn her back right in your face, just to indulge in a debate over global politics with the weirdo at the next table. (Or was it just to prove she can?) Breathing room is essential, to bring out the best of this combo.