Barry-Approved Briefs


Aliens Change Planes in Chicago, Too?

Earlier this month, a news story surfaced about an '06 UFO sighting at Chicago's O'Hare Airport, reported by several United Airlines employees—some of whom were pilots. According to the story, federal officials chalk it up to 'some weird weather phenomenon' and don't plan to investigate… at least not publicly. This astrologer, however, spies a synchronistic link with the recent discovery of so many new planets (and/or 'not-planet' bodies) and our being on the edge of finding life elsewhere.

UFO at O'Hare? (CBS News)

Actual Serious Astrology Article Hits Mainstream Media

Imagine my surprise in cracking open the Dec 06 issue of Vanity Fair and, in lieu of the usual monthly sun-sign horoscope written by the inimitable Michael Lutin… there was a thoughtful, complex astrological essay about the coming entrance of Pluto into Capricorn, and its ramifications for the US. (It even dares to suggest an imminent end to the American empire!) In my opinion, VF deserves major kudos for brazenly publishing this great piece. Lutin, incidentally, is not only an excellent astrological writer, but also a real kick-in-the-pants speaker. Go see him if you ever get the chance.

Special Alert: Horoscope USA (Vanity Fair)

Stop 'Plutoing' Pluto

Among the innumerable inane end-of-year honors that show up in trivial headlines, this one from American Dialect Society caught my eye. Apparently, the verb 'plutoed' has been awarded its 2006 Word of the Year award. By their definition, to 'pluto' is 'to demote or devalue someone or something', an homage to the Aug 06 downgrading of Pluto to 'dwarf planet' status by the IAU. In my book, however, a more precise definition of this planetary action-word is 'to repress awareness of difficult-to-process archetypes by deploying false labeling'. Language, by all accounts, is forever evolving.

'Plutoed' chosen as '06 Word of the Year (USA Today)