Horoscopes | Week of October 1-7, 2007

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Hold back. Rein in. Watch how you treat your body. Turn a diligent eye to the shit you've got to get done. You could find your tongue on the verge of saying fairly unpleasant things, as a side-effect of (1) knowing you have to hunker down and yet (2) feeling a near-uncontrollable desire not to be dutiful and responsible, but rather to carry on in some deliciously hysterical fashion. Maybe none of this actually makes it to the surface, instead conducting itself in a barely-conscious dialogue happening far inside your soul. But, oh, Aries, it's there. Dare you not beware of the Aries infamous temper, and you very well might get swept into the sudden escalating emotion of a situation you haven't planned on… and before you know it, you've misplaced your sanity for just long enough to behave in a fashion you'd love to take back, if only you remembered exactly how you let that happen or why you'd momentarily believed it was justified. It doesn't have to unfold this way… no, not at all. My greatest hope is that you'll find this horoscope doesn't, in retrospect, describe what occurred terribly accurately. Is it possible that the very act of reading these words will nip it in the bud? if, instead, an alternate scenario transpires, in which you are the most faithful worker, chore-doer, healthy-eater, gym-goer, deep-breather? if you end up thinking I'm crazy, and nobody gets an earful of your unsuspected outward projections of unsettled emotion after all?


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Deep feelings proliferate, whether you're in the mood for them or not. These aren't necessarily bad feelings, but they may make you feel heavy or serious at different points during the week. Stop yourself in advance of lamenting, 'Oh, no… not again!'—though, yes, I understand they may seem all too familiar and repetitive, and you may be wondering when this particular aggregate of age-old reactions and revelations will ever quit recurring. Well, Taurus, this particular week's version of it does, at last, represent a culmination of the past three months' pushings-through of subterranean refuse… left over from imperfect parenting, painful relationship endings, and a whole host of unresolved emotions about what other people have done (vs. what you have or haven't done yourself). You are moving through it, though it may've seemed at times like it was stuck all over you like skunk juice after a good spraying. Give yourself the space to mull it over during the week, rather than trying to push it away. The feelings will likely react more favorably if permitted their attempt to deliver you their messages. Keep resisting, though, and they'll knock on any window or door they can find, repeatedly, compulsively, until you answer. And all the while, don't let any pals scold you for entertaining such weighty thoughts on the brain. If they tell you to 'lighten up', then you should probably stay away from them for the week (just this week, though!) so you aren't shamed into repression.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): You're bubbling over with heaps of helpful hints… but believe it or not, the point of this excessive cleverness is actually not about coming up with the right answer that saves the day and proves you to be savior of an otherwise unsolvable dilemma. That desire to please comes from an emotional neediness (no slam on you—we've all got it) that, as of the current Saturn placement in your 4th, you should be focused on curtailing. Gemini, you'll be more inspiring and successful with far less investment in whether anybody likes or dislikes the ideas…instead intent on simply allowing the overactive brilliance (that sometimes feels like it's going to blow your head apart) to come forth, for others to deem relevant or useless as they see fit—not judging your worth as a person on it. From that perspective, why be bashful about sharing? Your joyously unattached free-association displays a willingness to let others decide which parts of your brain to keep or discard, as opposed to trying so hard to control the outcome by purposely expressing or withholding different sides of your personality, based upon what you think will be pleasing to whom. This approach is far humbler… and it opens you up to far more benefic surprises, when somebody you never would've expected to appreciate that one 'annoying' part of you falls madly in like with it.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): How terribly sweet you are, Cancer… so very generous and caring with the people in your life, both the ones you've known forever and those with whom you've just recently crossed paths. But let's not go overboard with that train of thought, as if every backrub you give or cookie you bake is a purely selfless act of nurturance. You really do enjoy giving to others—and we both know you also get some sense of self-gratification out of it, too. This is not a criticism, by the way… and if you're reacting as if it is, then that's a self-perception you need to work on. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being self-serving here and there, as a nice complement to all that you do for everybody else. Nor should you apologize for wanting what you want. 'Shameless' and 'unabashed' are the types of words you should be serving as an illustrative example of, with Mars leading you along with that extra-assertive edge. Mars is there in your 1st house, whether you like it or not… and whether you accept that you're acting rather blatantly on your own behalf, or if you're attempting to conceal or blunt its unavoidable effect. So don't bother muting the part of your personality, which is currently operating in high-gear and itching for full expression, that wants to make it all about you. You might actually find yourself with more time on your hands, to use for more different self-entertaining activities, once you do away with all the perfunctory or obligatory 'nice things' you feel you must carry out in the world, just to win the right to stop 'caring' so damn much.


LEO (July 23-August 22): Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? And since you're still alive and kicking after more than a few recent challenges, you obviously must be really somethin'. This time around, as a final Venus-Pluto trine falls across your two most self-centered houses (the 1st and 5th), your comin'-on-like-gangbusters routine better have a damn hot celebratory tone to it. You've earned yourself a party… and the right to act out, mouth off, and go crazy in whatever manner is going to make you feel the most alive, unrestricted and released. Flaunt your fiercest face. Get a little jiggy wit' it. And when the whole parade threatens to annoy a certain batch of folks, who you've finally tired of catering to or attempting to please with a fishy sweetie-sweetness… to hell with whatever problem they have with you. You really don't have to be liked by everybody—and if you didn't know that four months ago, I'm hoping, Leo, that you know it now. What you may sacrifice in a few tense acquaintanceships, you'll more than make up for in the unclenching of your internal censorship muscle. What you lose in so-called 'credibility', you gain in creative liberation. To move into the 'thrive' zone, you stop considering all that went wrong, seemed not to work, disappointed or fell short, proved to be a mistake, or caused unnecessary trouble… and look boldly in the future, concentrating on that which you intend to build. Hope is not enough. Your stubborn tenacity to declare you're actually going to do it is what we're looking for.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): A month into Saturn's two-year transit through your sign, and I'm betting you're already seeing some results. If you aren't, this week's transit of Venus back into your sign (after her retrograde-related confusions of a couple months) should definitely be the ticket. What you should be looking for is a sense of relief that you've reestablished the right priorities in the proper order… and while there's no shortage of effort required to keep yourself on the appropriate straight-and-narrow (not self-effacing or overly restrictive, but smartly geared toward particular goals of your choosing), you're likely welcoming the challenge. Thus, along with Saturn's call for 'tightening up' who you present yourself as being, you now have Venus to let you off the hook for any past mistakes, perceived failings, or other-people-centered slams against your current lacks. Relax, right? Even Virgos are only human. Along the way, as you come to peaceful terms with the past so it doesn't restrict you from doing things differently in the future, you may also confront a strange situation that reflects yourself back to you—a na´ve (or purposely self-blinded) friend, co-worker or companion cruising toward troubles similar to that which you've already experienced. You know you can't save her/him, right? However, you can give your honest advice… without judging, if she/he doesn't follow it (or is in no place to even hear it). Say your piece, then overlook this person's faults. It's her/his life to live. And in the meantime, you've got yours, too… which may come into clearer sight, as a result of watching someone else's struggles.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): This is a perfect week to put socializing at the top of your list—because you're a splendid party organizer and/or participant, because you'll be able to get other folks out of their claustrophobic little bubbles and out into circulation, and because you're in a unique position to show your genuine thankfulness to your pals for what they mean to you. (Are those enough reasons?) You'll thrive with real enjoyment if you go beyond the run-of-the-mill good times… perhaps by coming up with a theme for the celebration (Sally's new job, Bobby's bon voyage, a christening of Jan's remodeled kitchen) and/or inserting a heartfelt (yes, even sappy) toast somewhere in the midst of the proceedings. They may be more accustomed to you maintaining a more arms-length politeness in your mingling, as opposed to being downright expressive… and they'll sincerely appreciate the contrast of the sentiment. Don't get me wrong—this is all supposed to be fun, too. But if you're doing it to the fullest, you're not just entertaining, Libra; you're making your friends feel loved. And love begets more love begets more, with absolutely no downside to it at all.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): With Venus forming her final of three trines to Pluto across your solar career (10th) and finance (2nd) houses, this could finally be the right time to see that bump in salary (or at least respect and self-worth), if you've been put in the long hours or extra efforts toward such hopes. This sort of reward, of course, might not get presented to you on a silver platter, without the obvious need to request what's due you. With Mercury transiting your sign, you should be as direct as possible with your boss or other stakeholders about exactly what you want. Be forewarned, though: This Mercury will be turning retrograde next week, retracing these very steps. So your direct statements of desire must be delivered without demand, desperation or attachment to immediate satisfaction. You're just putting it out there… knowing it might take a few weeks for the budget line-items to become amended or the proper negotiations to occur. Don't take it personally. And while you're at it, watch your tone when discussing or demonstrating your value to those you're trying to reach. You'll sabotage your potential gains if you pit your own achievements against those of co-workers, as if you're pumping yourself up, superior-style, at their expense. Your excellence is totally unrelated to whatever anybody else is doing, whether they're blatantly lacking or merely conducting themselves in 'a different style' than you do. Focus on your positives, not others' negatives.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): From your perspective, things might seem like they're cruising along nicely… so much so that you hardly slow down to maneuver each curve in the road. And that may indeed work for you, Sagittarius, who doesn't mind the speed and thrills. Yet, if you're zooming so effortless to the roar of your own 10-horsepower engines, perhaps you're not pay much mind to your companion in the passenger's seat, holding on for dear life or pleading with you to pull over at the next rest stop for a bathroom break or souvenir run. You laugh, good-naturedly. They growl at your apparent thoughtlessness. You think 'it's no big deal', but they firmly—and angrily—disagree. If you don't want to make matters worse (and it's easy enough to cut this off before it develops), you'll need to cultivate the patience to hear 'em out… though it may cause what your less-compassionate self could dismiss as 'another delay' (or worse, 'an utter waste of time'). And in case your defenses should flare up, this is not about who's right or wrong. (I agree with you: You weren't doing anything 'wrong', per se.) It's not about changing who you are and how you go about your business. It's merely about factoring in the added benefits (as opposed to 'delays') of understanding what's resting beneath their surface-level upset… and finding appreciation for the ways you differ from one another, for the benefit of the connection.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): Don't question the undertow, ladies and gents. It's a force stronger than any of us can really get a grasp on. Due to complicated physics formulas that incorporate hundreds of unseen and/or seemingly unrelated variables, a powerful current either (1) pulls us toward or (2) repels us from certain individuals. Is it electromagnetic? molecular? otherworldly? I suppose it's not that useful for us to spend our limited horoscopic brainpower in seeking to answer such causal mysteries… only to recognize, and bow to with awe, the potent compulsions drawing us closer to or further from a given person. Grant your internal Capricorn analyst the week off, so you may follow this push-or-pull as you feel it—without the need to explain your reasoning, to yourself or others. If you want to hang out with him or her as much as you possibly can, then try your damnedest. If you can't get far enough away from him or her, don't feel guilty for practicing hyperaware avoidance techniques. In either event, you must realize that such emphatic psychic attractions or aversions will not necessarily translate into smooth glossings-over of the differences between you. Even if you can't enough of this magical other person, you may still suffer from clashes in your belief systems. Such conflicts are natural, if two strong personalities come together… and you should admire them for staying true to their own viewpoints, though it may make things harder. Of course, if you're hoping to escape this person, such blatant disagreement may seem like a godsend. Yet, dare you take up an actual argument, you're going to find it difficult to remove yourself. Even here, it's better to silently respect their so-called 'ignorance'—without taking the bait of debate.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): Your key to continuing to move through gobs of necessary practical work (see also: last week) is to use your people-skills magic to ensure all parties involved are getting along nicely. While, on the one hand, you've got much focus attending to the nits and grits of daily assignments (quite a list, but nothing you can't handle), you're also hosting a lovely 7th/11th house trine between Venus and Pluto, which can helps you grease the social gears that must be kept spinning in order to accomplish it all. If you haven't learned by now (after those treacherous couple years with Saturn in your 7th, followed by the more recent Venus retrograde also in the 7th), you mustn't think of the 'relationship' piece as a distraction from the other stuff that needs to get done—in fact, giving relationships their proper respect is crucial. You can put your mastered lessons to good use this week, Aquarius, by spending whatever time or energy is necessary to ensure everybody is being heard and understood by everybody else… and leaving each individual feeling special and significant to the process in which you're all embroiled. Looking for someone to help you out with something? to bring into the mix? to go on a date with? Use your network. Save yourself the work of sorting through complete strangers, and find friends of friends. You already have something in common, which helps to vouch for the fact that they're not crazy.


PISCES (February 19-March 20): Mars is spending a large portion of the next many months in your solar 5th, the house that's traditionally associated with love, along with other related topics like creative self-expression and your inner-child's sense of pleasure and play. With ongoing stimulation of this issue, my dearest Pisces, you'll serve yourself well by sanctioning huge latitudes of freedom for exploring your heart's desires in this realm… with the knowledge, of course, that it's about pleasing yourself more than giving everything up to the object of your love. See, the 5th house represents the light-hearted, fun-filled, honeymoon-stage sort of love—not, necessarily, the actual relationship part that happens once the blissful tingles die down and you're left to determine how to build a life together. That is decidedly 7th-house material, which is currently the home of transiting Saturn for the next couple of years… and which, consequently, is where you should be forming and fomenting good boundaries, so as not to lapse into the lower examples of Piscean 'compassion' (in the form of, say, self-sacrifice to the point of martyrdom, in hopes of 'saving' your needy partner). Think about the difference between these two—love and relationships—during the week, so you may be prioritizing the open, happy expense of the former over any emotionally draining pitfalls of the latter. It's okay to enjoy the love, unfettered by the bonds of a relationship that may not be working… because if you're feeling disregarded by your other half, unsure about what the habitual patterns are actually giving you, or fed up at how you're the only one making sacrifices, well then, it's okay to put your foot down. Losing a particular relationship, now or at some later point, doesn't mean losing your overall ability to experience love. It may actually expand it.