Horoscopes | Week of June 18-24, 2007

ARIES (March 21-April 19): If you only had one week to gather up the dangling bits and draw to completion (for now or forever) what you've been recently batting around, what exactly would get your attention? Aries, this is your final week of hosting your ruling warrior Mars in his home-sign until Apr 09, as he's headed on to slower-and-stabler pastures by week's end… and as such, it's also probably fair to think of it as one big final push of Arien oomph, before your superhuman energies start to cool back down to mere mortal levels. Pluto's throwing in his two cents, though, to provide you the most bang for your buck. So, for a few more days at least, you're still our favorite live wire. Obviously, if you're in mid-battle to secure a goal, impress an opinion, spread a message or make yourself known, you've still got a lot of punch left in you. Make sure to swing like it's the last round (even if that's not quite accurate), since this would be a great week to play to logical conclusions… and then move on from there. But you also mustn't forget to include pleasurable purposes among the causes most motivating your bumptiousness. If there's a totally obvious, over-the-top flirtation to be had, please do what you can to find it—and indulge in it freely. In fact, the more you funnel that fire into fun-and-happy places, the less you'll feel a need for antagonism 'just because'. And if you're having trouble choosing who to direct your flirty fever toward, go for the one who's way outside the norm: the seeker, the explorer, the philosopher, the global citizen, or the visitor in town for just a few days.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Just when you're getting to the frayed end of your now-rather-weathered rope, the currents are beginning to shift, Taurus… in a way that works to your overall favor, in that you'll have a far better handle on how to actually act. Soon enough, you'll get the chance—or, more accurately, many chances!—to move forward on everything that's been building up inside you over many weeks. (And productively too, rather than merely hysterically.) At the very tail end of the week, Mars moves out of your fog-banked solar 12th and into your sign… where, for the upcoming month-and-a-half, you will be the one carrying 'the big stick' (or your preferred non-phallic version of it). Now that you've got this knowledge, you'd better get ready to get hoppin'. But don't rush into the eye of the storm this week, while Mars wants to torture and torment you one last time from the phantom 12th… with a snowballing trine to Pluto in the deep dark 8th. In other words, it'll be too easy to snap (in a way rather uncharacteristic of Taureans), blindly and buffoonishly, once you've been triggered by a blatant gloating of power or position from someone you're sort of unresolved with. Trust me, you're not up for the fight—unless you're okay with the risk of behaving in ways you may later regret, just to score the touchdown. Yet, with your ruler Venus in the 4th playing nicely with Jupiter, you have another option: Spend your week preparing for all the activity ahead by taking time for yourself, alone and/or at home, with lots of relaxation and self-pampering. Doesn't that sound much more pleasant?


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): The key to a healthy relationship life—finding one or keeping one intact—is social variety, a trait rarely lacking in Geminis. But when you're really into someone (or the search for that someone), you're likelier to forget about the rest of that great big world out there, full of friends, acquaintances, associates and accomplices who miss you when you live a more single-minded existence. The truth is, you (and your honey, if you're partnered off) definitely need a big breath of fresh air and a hearty portion of goof-off time with your pals… and away from Mr. or Ms. One-and-Only. You and your love-bunny or sweetie-in-the-making will get so much more from the time you spend together, if you get out and do things separately, rather than staying cooped up in even the most cozy setting. Takes your mind off practical worries. Exposes you to new bits of community information ('gossip' if you will). Reconnects you with folks you genuinely care about but may forget to check in with regularly. And just generally gets your etheric circulation moving, since you (of all people) need the multi-nodal stimulation. When you join back up with the main man or mama, you'll have lots of new stuff to talk about… injecting a power-boost of vitality and life into the scene. Without following this advice, at some point sooner or later, you will find yourself just a little stir-crazy in an innocent case of boredom. For a Gemini, boredom is far worse than most situations.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): While you may be pretty sick and tired of your external career or community efforts getting all the horoscopic press, Cancer, apparently that's how the planets want it… at least for one more week. The current synergy-inspiring trines—one benevolent attractor (Venus/Jupiter) and one unstoppable assertor (Mars/Pluto)—bestow upon you some amazing chances to accomplish huge amounts of work. And because these astro-shots don't come around every day, I suggest taking full advantage of this one while it's here. (There'll be plenty of time for horsing around soon enough.) As you continue to chug away, though, bear in mind a couple additional facets: (1) Regarding the Venus-Jupiter trine, to reap its potential riches most wholly, it requires being unabashedly self-directed… in the sense of both thinking highly of your own abilities to manage the work and believing you are worthy of bountiful mounds of due compensation. Otherwise, the lucrative opportunity will pass you by. Neither Venus nor Jupiter impels anybody to do anything, after all. (2) With the Mars-Pluto trine in mind, I would add some caution about becoming too attached to how logistically the work 'should' get done (notice the quotes)… and starting shit up with those who might hold greater 'official' authority (damn those quotes again) over the situation. Despite your obvious mastery over the task at hand, there still exist protocols of command-chain deference which, like it or not, are often wise to follow. Especially in light of Facet (1), which needs you to focus more, self-preservation-wise, on the money… and not so much on who knows more than whom about what methods are best.


LEO (July 23-August 22): Given the state of astro-affairs, I find it hard to imagine you holding yourself back much this week… and, accordingly, I can't find a compelling reason to advise you to try. I mean, I'm sure you already know that your larger-than-life personality may not be everybody's cup-of-tea. But whose is, anyhow? Let's be realistic, Leo. But to those who are on your wavelength, you're working a commanding mode of attraction on 'em, here, there and everywhere. Certain folks simply won't be able to peel their gaze off you. Honey, I'm not exaggerating. They'll stare in loving awe, as you turn on the distinguishing charm and hypnotize their fixed eyes into those swirling spirals cartoon characters get when they're under some similarly enchanting influence. They'll even find those traits your detractors think are 'so annoying' about you downright endearing. And what better backdrop for being yourself, without compromise, than an audience of adorers (whether a couple or a stadiumful)? Now, be forewarned: This story is really just beginning to soup up, and is nowhere near a climax. While you may have little trouble luring admirers (and, as a result, opportunities too), you don't quite know what to do with 'em. Fall all the way into love? Sign the perfect-sounding deal? Ditch your lease and follow the winds of change halfway around the world? That all sounds plenty delicious… but what will you be forfeiting in the process? With so much good to choose from, you probably don't want to hear the notion of 'forfeit' being batted around. But that's the crux of why this story hasn't yet been written. Every selection has its set of consequences.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): Feel free to blame Mars and Pluto, if you've gotten yourself way too angry or upset toward somebody close to you. Under their dual influence across solar houses of psychological depth, it will be extremely difficult for you to get any rational distance from this distressing situation. (If only we could divert the fervor of your discontent to some electricity-generating mill, we'd produce enough juice to light up all of Vegas. Alas, we can't.) I wonder: Are you really being slammed, stepped on or sabotaged? Or is it simply a case of old residual pain from your past being accidentally triggered—and forced up into the light—by a person's careless comment or inattentive actions? Granted, regardless of the 'real' answer (wherever you find such a ridiculously unreal thing), you're probably completely justified with your agitation. But before you shoot to kill, stop to think about the bloody mess you'll have to clean up afterward. Will it truly vindicate your own emotional wounds beneath the growling façade… or, in the end, just make you feel worse. Why right a wrong with another wrong? Instead, approach it by doing right for yourself—and screw the urge to make it all about them (again). Book a soothing massage. Set out on an all-day nature hike. Retreat to your room, with pulpy novel in hand and cuddly blanket wrapped around you. Splurge on a favorite self-indulgence. That's how to put yourself first… and tend to your hurt without making more of it.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): You could easily spend your week drilling home the thrust of your argument to that one individual… and with the persuasive pitch (almost menacing, even) to your carriage, chances are you'll make yourself overwhelmingly clear. My goodness, with mighty mini-planet Pluto in your solar 3rd buttressing the advance, you'll be able to drive home any case comprised of small-but-potent details that, when connected like numbered dots, paint a hard-to-argue-with picture. (That, of course, is only one way of arranging said details… with certain other specifics conveniently set aside as 'irrelevant' or unconsciously ignored in the process.) Or, on a completely different note, you could use Venus and Jupiter for the sake of lighter amusementsd—and completely sidestep the one-on-one drama, by choosing to blow off steam in a wider social context with lots of buddies and pals from about town. Need I spell out the fact that this choice is tons more fun, and way less of a headache? What I'm trying to illustrate, Libra, is that you do have options here. You aren't compelled to fixate solely on the myopic 'I said' vs. 'you said' view… no matter whether there are genuinely bones to pick. No one relationship is all there is. You may certainly choose to while away the hours, going back and forth over who did what to whom when and why. But if you do, at least admit (to yourself, if not others) that's what you've decided to do with yourself.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): We all know the reputation you Scorpios have garnered for yourselves… that you can be rather ruthless. (I hardly think any of you will be writing to complain, since most of you know exactly where that rep comes from.) And while this isn't necessarily the prettiest quality when you're laying into folks who threaten you, it can also work to your definite advantage in stalking your much-desired goals. Please, oh please, keep that distinction in mind this week, as a powerful Mars-Pluto trine in earthy houses of fertility and usefulness deems you a true force to be reckoned with. Sweeten the pot with a Venus-Jupiter trine, also in worldly-endeavor houses, and you can expect to haul in some serious successes in whatever enterprise you're toiling away toward. At any and every moment, you'll want to embrace your ruthlessness… insofar as refusing to settle for anything less than triumphant victory, when it comes to fixing your eye on what you want to accomplish. Yet, it might be wise to let up on it as far as your so-called 'enemies' (or those 'pesky gnats' that are in your way, if you'd rather not bestow such weight on them) are concerned. Mars is headed into your solar 7th, which will give you plenty of chances over the coming weeks to divert your brutal pluck toward interpersonal sparring. For the present time, attack your projects—not other people.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): After several weeks of Mars sparking you fire-sign folks up, this is your final one before he heads into infinitely mellower (though not necessarily weaker) territory in Taurus. I like to picture your week, therefore, as one last allotted slot at the podium… to shout your message, loud and lovely, to anyone and everyone who might possibly have missed it (hardly possible, I know) over this past month or so. Go on, Sagittarius, show the world what it's like to actually believe in something. Political, philosophical, personal or some pleasurably perverted hybrid of them all, speak out publicly on behalf of your values. Being your official 'last chance' to use this latest concentration of fire in a noteworthy spectacle, you're likely to spread that extra-special final layer of icing on whatever cake you've baked… and more deeply inspire others who relate to your thinking, even if your ideas aren't widely popular ones. You're also likely to annoy the hell out of those who are already slightly miffed by your unceasing devotion of energy (which they'd probably call 'hot air') toward those same single-focuses of yours. In other words, your behaviors this week—as an extension, an exaggeration or an epitome of what you've already been doing—will generally serve to intensify the existing opinions previously formed of you, the good, the bad and the ugly. And in an odd side-note twist: One of the individuals who disagrees with you most loudly may also be somebody who has 'a little thing' for you, whether or not he/she would or could ever admit so.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): In case you haven't noticed, Capricorn, it's much harder than usual for you to maintain control (or the appearance of such) over anything in your life. Hopefully, you're not too discouraged yet, since Mars's entry into your solar 5th late in the week signals that apparent ineffectiveness (note that it's 'apparent', not definitively real) is giving way to clearer self-expression. Throughout this week, however, you'll have your best crack at regaining a grip by centering your focused efforts at home. As the sentiment 'screw the world!' appears on your radar, don't rush to the garage to dig out those old boxing gloves, so you can tour the town in a hunt for aggression-release. Channel those totally justifiable irritations into some massive cleaning, rearranging or home rejuvenation project. In this context, you can be a tyrannical dictator (insofar as any roommates or family members aren't disrespected or put out) and insist that things happen in a certain fashion. Need to hit something? How about pounding on those dirty rugs? And by the way, do you recall how self-satisfying it feels to discard an entire carload full of never-looked-at junk at the local Salvation Army? Very. Being productive isn't the only way to discharge the pent-up pressure while staying in your cave. You could also invite over your best pal for some pizza, beer and crappy TV… and spend the evening talking shit about people. Or maybe it's a late-night call to a different kind of friend (if you catch my drift, wink wink)—and boy can you two blow off the stress in your special way (wink wink), without ever having to leave the house.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): Your luck in most areas of life—but especially romance, friendship and community building—will increase dramatically this week, as a direct result of how many social events and engagements you're able to include in your schedule. To own this opportunity for yourself, you'll want to expose yourself to as broad a cross-section of different folks as possible… the bigger the function or the busier the venue, the greater number of possibilities you'll have to connect. Despite the cliché of it all, a glance across a crowded room may be all it takes to get a ball rolling. This is not the time to get bitten by the 'I'm not worthy' or 'I'm too shy' bugs, since the only occasion for an introduction may be the one you create for yourself. If you and another person make obvious eye contact more than twice, that's your green light to go up and start talking. Anybody who's worth your time will at least respect you for your moxie, if not outright appreciate you. Most folks are in the same boat. Indeed, most folks restrain themselves from enjoying the spontaneous excitement of initiating social exchange with strangers, out of self-centered shame. If you push through your own hesitation, you're actually helping them as well as yourself. And while I cannot guarantee a love match or out-of-this-world networking shot, that Venus in your solar 7th grants you a heightened chance of impressing or intriguing.


PISCES (February 19-March 20): When life gets truly unusual (which, in fact, it's ripe to do right about now), all you can really do is let your jaw drop open, throw your hands in the air, and exclaim, 'Wonders really never do cease!' But getting past the basic 'reaction' level, how can one take advantage of such moments? Through a deeply humbling acknowledgment that the unexpected twists and turns hold tremendous amounts of information about which direction you should head… and what you'll probably need to leave behind. These aren't merely inconveniences or upsets—they are divinely provided clues. Only problem is, nobody ever said these clues would make perfect sense (or any sense at all, at least right now). So, Pisces, don't rile yourself up by racking your brain for what all this could possibly mean. Observation serves you much more smartly than analysis. Pay extra-special close attention to whatever happens this week that makes it unusual. These odd occurrences are your signs of what's to come… and even though they may seem like pure 'bad news', you shouldn't assume as much. Apparent 'obstacles' could merely mean you skipped a few necessary steps along the way, which require your additional attention (for a few weeks or up to several months) before you can proceed. Emotional disturbances could point to a need to temporarily switch gears, to cope with an entirely different situation you hadn't thought was so pressing. Or maybe you're just in the middle of changing your mind… in which case wait until mid-July for a final call.