Me, The Walking Astro-Example


I'm a walking portrait of the most recent astro-dynamics, people. I don't just write about this stuff—I live it, too.

You haven't gotten much detail on the latest astrology from me here, and I could hastily defend myself by telling you the planetary climate hasn't changed too much over the past couple weeks… and that would be true.

But what's also true is that I've been incredibly active, fast-moving and instinct-oriented… which can make it much harder to set aside large chunks of time for sitting still to compose clear, creative and well-thought-out analytical essays.

I attribute this to the continuing emphasis on the fire element, where we witnessed a grand trine between Venus, Jupiter and Saturn a mere month ago—and where we've got another one this weekend (Apr 7-8) substituting the Sun for Venus, and one more on Apr 21 with Mercury in the mix. That's why it's much smarter for me to just wait for the writing drive to hit me… then start tapping out whatever comes to my head, without thinking too much about it. That's what I'm trying to do now.

To let you in on a bit more of what's going on in Barryworld, I haven't been struggling to find a few moments to squeeze in my authorial activities just because I'm too damn preoccupied with what's on the boob-tube… though at times, that may be part of it. I've also thrown myself into another big project that's been taking a lot of my energy and enthusiasm.

I'm in the process of starting another business.

I know, I know… as if being 'astrobarry' full-time isn't enough of a job. But I do have a Moon in Capricorn, and if you look up 'Capricorn' in any basic astrology primer, you will likely find the word 'ambitious'. And though ambition in the Capricorn sense mustn't be limited purely to entrepreneurial drive… in my case, I'm always eager to see what else I can do.

You will hear plenty more about my latest venture as the details become publicly available. What I can tell you now is that I've partnered up with an incredibly warm, compassionate, intuitive and talented woman… and the two of us will be opening a retail shop, which will also be a place for me to host consultations and hold classes and workshops, along with an online store. It's a crazy risk, for sure—but just the sort of risk that's perfect for me right now, with transiting Uranus smack dab atop my Midheaven. Suffice it to say, I've had to sneak my business-plan-writing in among all the horoscopes, in order to get this new thing up and running. And the stress of that extra work has also taken its toll on my body.

In case I haven't said it already, I'll say it now: That Mar 18 solar eclipse packed quite a punch. Not only did I see the collateral wreckage all around me, folks… I experienced a hearty helping of it myself, and am still recovering from the physical side effects.

The eclipse formed a tight t-square with my natal lunar Nodes, two always-in-opposition points that are thought to denote our karmic path in this incarnation, from the past (South Node) to the future (North Node). The Nodes are the most esoteric points in a chart, as many astrologers connect them with past lives… which, personally, I think you needn't buy into fully in order to gain some metaphoric value from the notion of having 'come in' with some sort of residue. There's an obvious leap of faith involved here (but, hell, doesn't the whole study of astrology require the same thing?), but from my personal experience, I think there's something to it. What, exactly… I can't tell you.

The Nodes are especially important in my chart, considering I have a natal conjunction between Saturn and the South Node… in Gemini in the 12th, to be precise. Add to that the transiting influence of Pluto—which was square to the Mar 18 solar eclipse, and consequently conjunct my natal North Node in the 6th—and we've got the formula for some serious astro-business.

With Saturn and my South Node in the 12th, I face a lifelong struggle to restrict my tendencies to seek escape from the earthly realm, in order to indulge my endless curiosities in the dreamy land of spiritual bliss (or is it total delusional insanity?). The 6th-house North Node, however, promises great rewards for remaining physically grounded, paying close attention to good health habits so I am fit and fired up for my day-in-day-out service while I'm here on Earth.

In other words, though it feels familiar and comforting for me to drink up, chow down and zone out, I'm merely repeating old patterns by doing so. The fresh and new (and therefore challenging) thing is to find joy in practical, mundane work. And if I must say so myself, I've done pretty darn well in recent years navigating this Nodal bridge, having grown to love both physical exercise and self-imposed discipline on work matters.

That is, until this eclipse came through and shot my past behavioral habits back into the present-day. Suddenly, I was on the couch, shoving my piehole full of pizza while watching (catch this) a TV documentary on obesity entitled I Eat 33,000 Calories A Day. And then I didn't move for a few days… all while a nasty respiratory infection took residence in my lungs, thanks to having allowed myself to inhale a single puff of smoke. (Yes, I'm a former smoker.)

Of course, in my younger days, I might've spent a lot longer in this 'in-between land' of the 12th house… simultaneously fueling my self-sabotaging behaviors and beating myself up for doing so. But though I may slip backward from time to time, I'm not that younger person any longer. I'm not happy on the couch, bingeing on fattening crap while laboring to breathe. I enjoy exercise. I enjoy my work.

I've literally felt like I'm straddling the line between the old me and the new me, with vivid glimpses of both characters. I'm jonesing for a return to the gym, and yet my lungs remained irritated and unable to power me through a cardio workout. Thus, I feel flabby and unfit—and have wallowed in it by refusing to shave, leaving me looking like some long-lost-at-sea fisherman. Still, I have total faith that it's temporary, so it doesn't freak me out as much as it would've in the past.

How else would we detect the growth we've worked hard to achieve, if not for the momentary lapses back into the dark pit of yesterday's troubles?

(And wow, see how long I sat myself still to write! Things are looking up…)