Horoscopes | Week of November 13-19, 2006

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Let's not forget why you bothered to involve yourself in such a tangled (maybe even troublesome?) circumstance to begin with—because it's arousing and exciting, keeps your blood pumping and your heart thumping, and reminds you of life's inherent complexities. Whatever the recent interpersonal complications, with lovers or family members or financial co-conspirators, have unleashed in you… at least it's not boring. This is the moment to reconnect with your appreciativeness for the very turmoil that you may have spent the past couple weeks cursing. Perhaps the burst of passion is bubbling over in a tantalizing fizz. Or the familial difficulties are proving themselves to have actually achieved a catharsis. Or the money you've been fighting over is finally coming through. Even on the off chance that no such concrete climax materializes this week, I'm hoping you'll still plug into the intense (though hard-earned) positivity underlying the tumult, thanks to a Venus-Jupiter conjunction in your 8th. Whether tangible or psychological, you are currently collecting on some prize that has lingered just beyond your full ownership for quite a while… and you'd better be prepared to enjoy it, or it's all been a wasteful headache. Don't expect this reward to necessarily appear so rewarding to folks in your broader social circle, who may not have much understanding (and, thus, much respect) for what it's all about. They'll see more clearly, once you rest your increased confidence upon this victory and begin to branch out into bolder outward adventures.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20): I simply cannot do more than I've been doing to urge you to loiter in Relationshipland, where the nonstop action in your 7th house is capping itself off with a conjunction of your ruler Venus and good-luck-grower Jupiter. With these two beneficent planets in play, you literally must disappear from Earth (or else go on a murderous rampage) to escape pleasant, expansive interpersonal connections. Please understand that when I speak of relationships, I'm not limiting the field to purely romantic partnerings. Any and every one-on-one match-up—with a best friend, a business associate, any peer you meet at an eye-to-eye level—is positively indicated by the planets. (Exception: Your relationships with folks who possess structural authority or power over you do not apply, as they're likely to perceive you as more aggressive or self-serving than you actually are, thanks to a Mars-Neptune square.) The best strategy to follow, in order to delight from this relational blessing? Put more of yourself on the line. Speak more effusively. Enjoy more physical contact. Be more gutsy. Fairly soon, as this mass of traveling-together planets shifts, one by one, into your 8th, what hasn't been firmly established as the agreed-upon common ground between you and each other person will become more volatile. The undercurrents will start creeping up from beneath the surface, threatening to betray everything you've insisted on keeping hidden (rather than heeding the advice in this very horoscope). On the other hand, everything that is already out there will deepen in passion and profundity. Under this week's gift of an aspect, finish cementing your relationship foundations.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20): The first piece of good news, Gemini, is the wrap-up of Mercury's retrograde… which, combined with its trine to Uranus in your 10th both this week and next, signals powerfully creative brainstorms on the horizon that spontaneously shine light into how you might better handle your business. We often misconceive of Mercury retrograde as 'a bad thing', when such value judgments are both unnecessary and imprecise. The reverse-appearing motion of the words-and-ideas planet merely puts a different spin on things, revealing a flipside that can offer fresh inspirations as well as its renowned inconveniences. Especially during the second half of this week and into the first half of next, stay unusually open to different ways of understanding your workflow. You may well stumble upon a brilliant departure from the typical methods… one that'll dazzle those who are watching (and, dare I say it, judging) you for possible recognition, promotion, or change in position. Even if it's not explicitly about your job performance, the same types of insights can assist your personal 'work' (household chores, health regimen, etc.)—and still have an electrifying effect on how the outer world sees you. The other piece of good news is Venus's entrance into your 7th house… a quintessentially happy-go-lovely relationship placement that'll usher in a whole lot of expansive opportunities over the coming months, in terms of how satisfyingly adventurous your one-on-one couplings can become. This week is merely the start of something much larger in the relationship zone, so don't expect the status quo to remain as is too long. That, incidentally, is a very exciting development.


CANCER (June 21-July 22): Please, oh please, Cancer… stop worrying about what other people think. Just like I told you last month, putting yourself out there isn't about getting everyone to like you. (After all, that would be an impossible feat. Nobody is universally liked.) It is, however, about giving the largest number of folks their chance to decide if they do, through showing them the unfiltered, uncalculating you. For you artist types, the literal showing might occur with a time delay, if you're wisely using this ultra-creatively-fruitful moment for solitary production of beautiful things—though, ultimately, you're still 'showing' yourself by what you sculpt, paint, write or draw. (And eventually, I hope you'll share your art with the world.) But the pure expression gets blocked when you allow your imagination to divert itself from the creative process… and into fantasies of how others might criticize, compete with, or spurt other ill reactions at you. You simply cannot trust these emanations of fear (and past psychic damage?) bubbling up from your submerged self. They are merely Neptune's way of messing with your otherwise superb opportunity to bring forth the self-love conveyed through the uncensored generosity of extroversion. Don't listen to those elusive reasons why not. Any anxiety is actually a positive indicator of risk-taking, and will lessen as you move toward it. Stare right into it. Flash the grin of terror-being-conquered. Gather the nerve, and let loose. (Remember: It's fun!)


LEO (July 23-August 22): Breakthrough time! It's highly probable that whatever neg vibes may've been weighing you down are starting to move through, giving way to a fuller sense of emotional self-satisfaction that'll make it easier to relax. Venus is moving from your 4th to your 5th, bringing back a bit of the normal cheeky mojo… but before that happens, she conjoins with Jupiter for a burst of inner peace, sized in direct proportion to how thoroughly you've dug out the crusty crumbs of crap from your closet of forgotten feelings. In any case, you deserve a long deep exhalation—and, if you wish, some little gifty for the home front that reflects a newfound commitment to domestic comfort. (New bedding? Kitchenware? An objet d'art?) One question to ponder is whether or not you're ready to go on record, commenting to the other person in your most sensitive or stressed relationship about what subjective truth you've come to on the matter in dispute. (Hell, they might not even know there's a matter in dispute.) In my humble opinion, the right answer comes down to how attached you are to a particular outcome. If your main desire to disclose the private revelations is merely about sharing (rather than, say, taking a stand or setting a boundary that will affect the relationship), then go ahead and start talking. But if you deliberately want something to change or happen as a direct result of such a discussion, I'd wait a week until Mercury really starts moving direct and Mars escapes its Neptune square. Otherwise, you're likely to get all confused in the process… and end up seeming merely cranky, instead of clearly assertive.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22): What an ideal week to do a little bit of everything—and not concern yourself with finishing any of it. Activity itself, as opposed to limiting yourself to participation in any specific one, is especially favored by the continued 3rd-house emphasis. Increase the sheer breadth and volume of stimulus you expose yourself to, and you're very likely to find a couple nuggets of exceptionally useful, enjoyable and/or inspirational luck in the oddest corners. To get a visual of what I'm calling on you to execute, picture yourself in a room with the TV on, flipping through a couple different books or journals, fielding phone calls and text messages to make plans for a lunch with one friend and a cocktail with another, scribbling down notes on a piece of scrap paper—all at the same time—before dashing out to the corner store and/or other neighborhood establishments to run a few mindless errands. And that's just one moment in a week filled with such frenetic moments. I know it may sound exhausting, but there's a certain cerebral liveliness fueled by such hyped-up multitasking that's bound to deliver some invigorating ideas. Not to mention, of course, the basic motion involved, which gets you out of static, single-minded inertia and into a speedier metabolic smorgasbord where individual flavors run together in a mishmash superior to any of its humble components. Do it all, all at once or in spastic fits. Just make sure to get a lot of sleep, too.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22): If an astrologer were asked to name the textbook-example transit that best represents 'good financial luck', there's a good chance his answer would include either Venus or Jupiter in the 2nd house. Well, Libra, this week, you're receiving the lucrative gift of a Venus-Jupiter conjunction in your solar 2nd… and therefore might expect to receive some welcome news on the financial front. Of course, our lived reality rarely matches up with the platonic ideals of textbook astrology, so don't go shooting off disgruntled emails to me if you don't wander into a goldmine or accept a massive salary increase this week. However, that bounteous astro-influence is in effect, which means it's a better-than-usual time to buy a lottery ticket or strategize where your next million will come from. The 2nd house rules over other material possessions as well, so it may be that your preferred method of 'increasing the wealth' comes from a major life-enhancing purchase or a luxurious gift. Or, on the more metaphoric level, the idea of resources also extends to what skills, values and self-perceived assets we have… so if the bucks aren't necessarily rolling in, then you may still find other avenues for celebrating increased riches, simply by giving yourself credit for what you've already got (and what more it could get you later). However you slice the pie, though, you're swimming in one form of affluence or another. One small caveat: As Mercury is still retrograde through Friday (Nov 17), you might want to be extra-careful of the fine print that comes along with the deal. If you can, find ways to secure the goods now—but finalize the details next week.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): Knock loudly on the metaphoric door… and when one of the benevolent little fairies that are perpetually painting the world into existence answers to your arrival, inform her: 'I'm here to collect my award.' Scorpio, your week is a zenith of personal profit, both from a zanily hyperactive few weeks and a whole year of growth and expansion. If you've played your cards right (or even if you've won a few and lost a few), you should be walking away from whatever happens this week with a grander sense of what makes you so damned amazing and appealing. I strongly urge you to see past the immediate returns and resolutions of your most pressing circumstances… and toward the panoramic view of how it all fits into the narrative of your whole year. Jupiter, the planet that inflates us beyond previous boundaries to new horizons, has been in your sign since Oct 05, so I'd be surprised to hear if nothing significant happened to excite, inspire or enlarge you in some ultimately positive direction. But it's not possible to fully benefit from this life-expansion experience if you don't pause to consider the journey taken, the lessons learned, and the cosmic fruits harvested. Jupiter moves out of your sign next week, which is why this is such an ideal moment to unite your past 13 months' experience under some umbrella of higher meaning (of your own making, of course) that motivates you to continue the good fight. Before then, though, Venus conjoins Jupiter, bringing together two of the most fortuitous energies in your sign. In addition to reflecting on the more philosophic 'fortunes' you've brought in this past year, how about treating yourself to an actual token of success, reward or pleasure? You won it, fair and square… didn't you?


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): The wilder times are beginning to begin, finally and at last. Hints of the future several months are peeking through the curtain, winking at you from backstage and prepping you for the amazing ride you're about to embark upon. Venus moves into your sign this week, Sagittarius, for a preliminary dusting of personal appeal that'll really start sparkling next week, once your ruling god (and good-time guy) Jupiter comes along. Still, though, there's plenty of discombobulating 12th-house business twirling your head into nonsensical no-man's-land—including a doubly-confusing Mars square to Neptune in your 3rd and a Mercury standing still to switch back from retrograde. In other words, don't jump the gun and try to hail yourself as the king or queen before you have a better grip on which dominion is yours to enjoy. All forms of self-assertion and declarative communication are very poorly indicated this week. But the bottom line is: It doesn't much matter. If you can keep a deliciously mischievous Cheshire Cat grin plastered across your face, knowing that rip-roarin' escapades of your favorite sort are just around the corner, then (hopefully) you won't feel the need to say or do much of anything. In fact, the less you try to control or explain or understand, the more likely the good stuff will already commence gravitating your direction. But, really and truly, this is just a scintillating smidgeon of what's ahead. Just wait until the jet thrusters are flipped into activation mode. So thrilled am I for your imminent future, I can barely sit still.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): If, this week, you can line your lived behaviors up with whatever you believe helps make the world a more connected and compassionate place… well, Capricorn, you'll be privy to such an unprecedented gush of goodwill from those around you, you may wonder why you didn't behave like this sooner. Think about this: Maybe the achievements you should focus on in life aren't those that you innately excel at or can get furthest at, but what unique contribution only you can make to actually improve other people's lives. If we followed the fallacious characterizations usually lobbed upon your sign by less Capricorn-friendly astrologers, we might conclude it foolish to imagine you—the ambitious ladder-climber who salivates over the possibility of running the whole damn corporation—would have any interest in improving other people's lives. (That's why we ignore those Capricorn haters, right?) Rather, I see right through that misperception… to the sympathetic striver in you, pushing yourself so hard (and ripping yourself apart so mercilessly) only because, deeply, you want to be the best person you can. Remember that, as you use the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in your 11th to find motivation in claiming your piece of the greater puzzle, to boost the entire community's happiness and well-being. When the whole team emerges victorious, you're likeliest to win the Most Valuable Player trophy. (And please don't permit Neptune to fool you into fearing what you might personally have to sacrifice, in order to align with the common good. It's a misleading train of thought to follow.)


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): Okay, here's the thing… with lucky-strike twins Venus and Jupiter joining together at the highest heights of your solar chart, the most obvious read is 'fantastically favorable circumstances' in your career or outer-world reputation, and/or in relation to those above you (i.e., bosses and officials, property owners, parental figures, et al). This should hardly be surprising as, week after week during this accumulation of Scorpio-in-the-10th influences, I've written to you about the enhanced public recognition and sense of accomplishment you're raking (if, that is, it's legitimately due you). The developments of this week, therefore, should deliver the crowning feather in your cap or an extra-delicious layer of icing on the cake. The hazard with all this 'good luck', about which I feel obligated to inform you, is the concomitant ego distension that is liable to befall you… if you don't continually remind yourself not to swallow their fawning accolades hook-line-and-sinker. On the deeper level, you're smart enough to know that none of this excitement is about you being an inherently more 'special' person than any other individual in this great big galaxy. But when others are treating you as such—and when the kind kudos and kiss-ass compliments are direct results of the hard work you've put in—it might be momentarily easy to forget the whole picture and accept your newfound glory with a bit too much pomp or pride. So I did my part and warned of the downside. Now, get back to enjoying the up.


PISCES (February 19-March 20): As the planets have been cruising, in near-unison, through your 9th house, I've been doing my best to fill your head with grandiose notions of life journeys and higher meaning and how much more there is out there… all of which are very important perspective-opening lines of thinking to follow, especially if you sincerely want a life that you'll look back upon with satisfaction and pride. But, at the same time, these are all rather abstract considerations—and if you're the type who craves a more tangible topic to focus your energies on, you might've been reading the latest scopes and thought, 'Now, what the hell do I do with that?' Well, Pisces, just as this week serves as a bridge from the ultra-Scorpionic intensity of recent weeks toward the freedom-loving-frolicking of Sagittarius, you can look forward to a shift from conceptual visioning to practical worldly concerns. Specifically, we're talking about the 10th house, the zone in which you go out into the bright public sector and earn a name for yourself based upon material contributions. This week features Venus's movement into your solar 10th, a wonderful ushering-in of professional benefit and bounty that'll (hopefully) continue, as joyous Jupiter joins the party next week (and stays for a year!). Before then, though, I urge you to take one more gigantic gaze at everything your life's been about over the past months and years… to figure out where it's gone very very right, and where it's veered off the road due to temptations or tangents. That way, when the career dynamism really starts kicking in, you'll be able to determine good luck from bad—not by how much you're getting paid or how 'prestigious' your job becomes, but by whether what you're doing actually matters to you. After all, though Jupiter in the 10th does indicate growth and expansion, sometimes it can trick us with apparent losses or setbacks that'll bum us out if we overlook the bigger picture.