Barry on the CBS Evening News… Finally


Yes, it actually happened!

Just when I thought my segment's final resting place was the bottom of the trash heap, the CBS Evening News finally aired the story in which I'm featured.

As I previously reported, I was interviewed a few weeks back about my thoughts on the new planet, whether Pluto should still be considered a planet, and what a planet is. Then I was rescheduled, and rescheduled again… until it became doubtful that rescheduling would ever amount to a slot on a real schedule.

Don't worry if you missed my appearance—I missed it too! Luckily, the segment is available for online viewing, so you needn't remain deprived of your Barry.

Click here to watch.

I must warn you, though, that my contribution to the televisual knowledge-stream, at least in this segment, is minimal at best. Blink and you'll miss me.

If I've (re-)learned one thing here, it's to never lose the faith. After all, don't we all know that TV just can't live without astrobarry?