Jupiter trine Uranus: Fathoming the Great Beyond


Shazam! Who'd ever have expected this?

Eureka! I found it!

Bam! Pow! Zap! Right in the gut! Revelation hits, uncovering buried treasure…

I swear I'll never gaze through that limiting lens of imagined inertia quite the same again, pretending there's nothing I can do to get out of here. Bless you, Jupiter and Uranus—planets flowing together against the grain, conspiring to startle me awake. There's plenty more choice once I leap off from the borders of normal.

We're free to move around the cabin. The voice from the loud speaker only sounds inside our heads, granting a permission nobody else has a say in. To open ourselves wide, to creative thought. It's one of the best tools we've got. But, contrary to circulating rumors, creative thought is never a grind comprised of stringing facts together, orderly to a conclusion but lacking that certain something. That goes against its very definition.

Jupiter-Uranus trine. Jupiter makes things bigger. Uranus rejects the regular. In snowballing trine (a synergistic 120-degree aspect), now and through Sep 06, Jupiter and Uranus inflate the urge to bust away from tradition. No vision of the beyond too far gone to harbor! No child left behind! No door left closed without at least trying the door… and for the most courageous, no lock left unjimmied with some sharp-ended object!

Weirdness—no longer exclusively for the weird!

Let's not start at the very beginning. Let's jump around. Let's eat dessert for breakfast, and work backwards from the pure result we want to how to get there. Yay for letting the caboose lead the train! Yay for letting the tail wag the dog! If you just show up, you'll have no choice but to make it work somehow.

A trine in water signs means that feelings, sensations, intuitions and hunches will successfully steer the ship through these unsafe seas. The weatherman says to circumvent the storm, but our innards know to head straight for it. And the gut never lies.

Jupiter in Scorpio—where there's passion, there's risk …and immense reward. Why bother spending from our limited life-time, if it doesn't stir up the nerves?

Uranus in Pisces—every faraway ripple twitters at our psychic strings, interconnected as we are. What will we personally sacrifice to save our collective spirit?

Creative equals: Revolutionary. Past the limits. Crisp and refreshing, without that familiar aftertaste. 'Outside the box', as your corporate culture purports to want. Scandalous, and possibly even illegal in certain states… but that's civil disobedience for ya. Remember, what was outlandish twenty years ago hardly seems outlandish now, we live it everyday, and someone had to come up with it first. What's swirling around inside you that's never existed before, waiting for you to halt the pretense of 'having figured it out already'… to invite it to travel down the birth canal into being?

So many creative types report the same phenomenon when describing the creative process: 'I sat down, got out of my own way, and it just spewed forth… like, I don't know, it came from somewhere else or something.' Some call it being 'in the zone'. You show up. You open up. You let go. It pours freely through you. How's that for a stimulating Saturday night?

Mysteries of spontaneous enlightenment—not likely to arrive through reason, rhyme or rationale. So maybe it's not the sum total of universal knowledge all at once. Does that matter? Beggars can't be choosers, and we'll take the merely minor monumental breakthroughs where we can get 'em.

Yes, this Jupiter-Uranus call to our highest form of life-loving insubordination—that is, a radical refusal to be kept down—comes at an odd moment. Simultaneous to a rather stifling and struggle-filled grand cross, four planets at cross-purposes led by Mars retrograde in Taurus, master of keeping us in our places. Can we truly break free, cornered as we are and confronted with an interlocking multitude of issues to consider?

Jupiter is the connecting force, part of both the Uranus trine and the grand cross. Under the influence of Scorpio, we can keep our rebellious tendencies under wraps until the right time to sting and strike. If need be, we can wear our hunger for freedom beneath a poker face or latex Nixon mask while we wait out the retrograde entrenchment. As I've already written, for now, the important thing is to grasp and clutch the higher awareness. We can worry about carrying out the machinations a bit later.

Conventional wisdom is often wrong, my friends. You know it as well as I do. Yet, it's available on every corner, at a reasonable price, and everybody seems to want some. It tastes damn good, after all, courtesy of questionable additives masterfully engineered to mask unsavory flavors. And to shirk it off is to immediately garner notice. The roar of the crowd: 'She acts like she's better than us! He thinks the rules don't apply to him! They're out to get us!'

The visionaries have often been tried as heretics. But they go down in a beautiful blaze, shouting, 'Liberty and justice for all!'—and meaning it.

Here's the trick to glimpsing past the veneer. Gaze through the optical illusion, toward that imaginary point far in the distance, away from here. The surface design blurs into the back, and the real picture bounds into sight. It's a bird, it's a plane… it's something I can't quite make out.

Feel lucky. Not everyone can see it, or wants to.