Sagittarius Sneaks In


My friend J's baby isn't due for another month or so, but various details from her latest doctor visit indicate the birth may happen sooner than expected… perhaps induced as early as this week.

'Don't worry,' I reassured her, 'there's no chance you're having a Scorpio.' (Trust me, folks, this Gemini gal definitely deserves a Sag!) 'You've still got some time.'

Alas, this absent-minded astrologer apparently hadn't glanced at a calendar recently… because the Sun moved into Sagittarius yesterday evening (Mon Nov 21), and instantly upped J's chances of birthing her bundle in the very near future. Sorry, J.—it's just about that time.

Perhaps I overlooked the changing of the Sun-sign guard because of everything else happening. Mainly, that double retrograde of Mercury and Mars: delaying progress, dizzying awareness, turning focus inward. Not to mention that neither Saturn nor Neptune are playing kindly with retrograde Mars, meaning that many of us are trying to escape our reality one minute and uncomfortably face-to-face close up with its sobering reverberations the next.

Or maybe it's that 'Scorpio Season', which always precedes Sagittarius, didn't seem as brutal or harrowing as usual. Those shadow-dwelling Scorp types who normally spend the Sun's transit through Scorpio feeding their hyper-romantic dark-and-gothic streaks instead welcomed (gasp!) an upswing in luck, thanks to Jupiter's recent entry into that sign. Even communing with the ghosts from our past has brought more (dare I say it) fun than it typically does. ('Fun', that is, in the 'isn't it fun to transform ourselves?' sense.)

Whatever the case, Sagittarius time is here now… and nothing could be more fitting than to blow off some steam and let loose. It's no coincidence the Sun-in-Sagittarius month is often chock-full of holiday-related parties, extravagant shopping sprees (for other people's gifts, of course), and excessive eating and drinking. And seeing as how tightly wound up we who've suffered retrograde aggravation and arrested ambition have been, the Sagittarian throw-caution-out-the-window-ness sounds pretty appealing right about now.

Don't we all deserve to think big, embrace optimism and adventure, and worry a bit less about the fussy specifics tying us to our anxieties?

Well, at least those of us who aren't about to give birth any minute. They probably can't help but entertain a few anxieties. Right, J.?