'Worth It?' Asks Venus Retrograde


As I forewarned, Venus hits the retrograde groove today (Sat Dec 24), to imbue Christmas with an 'only who and what matters most' air of true appreciation. She remains in backwards mode through Feb 3 06.

Please don't panic, my delicious creatures… Venus retrograde is nothing to fear. As we're still getting back to ourselves in the aftermath of the recent double Mars/Mercury retro crap, some among us might jump to the jumpiest conclusions about what to expect next. Relax. Venus's impact as a retrograder, more yin than yang, is definitely far less disturbing than her personal-planet counterparts.

High-goddess Venus rules over that which we find value in and feel affection for—the people we love, the art we appreciate, the objects and environments and delectable delights we enjoy, and the currency (ahem, money!) we trade in order to procure these valuables.

In short, Venus symbolizes our preferences… and the subtle, passive energies we use to draw what we prefer to us.

When Venus goes retrograde, it's the ideal time to undergo a quiet internal process of revaluation. Whatever we've taken for granted, we must remember to appreciate. And what we've blindly thought of in too high a regard, we realize (at last) isn't truly worthy of our adoration. If we apply Venus's retrograde smartly, we review and revise our priorities.

When it comes to the people in our lives, Venus retrograde has a flair for bringing old friends and past flings back into our immediate scope. Surprise calls, letters and emails from the long-lost, and run-ins about town show up… if only to remind us who still strikes a chord, and who is no longer relevant. In a moment's reconnection, we discover how different we are now than when we were previously acquainted—and/or how much the same. Even wholly rekindled sparks aren't out of the question, with Venus roving in reverse.

New folks we meet during Venus retrograde may have a familiar feel to them. Perhaps we knew them in a past life (if we believe in such things)… or perhaps we merely suppose we know them, when in fact we're only being temporarily dazzled by a part of their whole. In this context, I feel obliged to warn: If he or she seems way too good to be true, give it another couple months to play out. Venus retrograde is an excellent phase for lively interpersonal diversions and passionate little love affairs that burn hot and fast. But be careful not to promise the farm or sign the marriage certificate before spending a considerably longer slab of time getting to know each other.

As far as objects are concerned, Venus retrograde is notorious for encouraging lavish overspending… on items you might not actually want, once Venus goes direct and you come to your senses. Practice exceptional due diligence when it comes to big purchases and expenditures (cars, jewelry, real estate). Think twice about its value—because you might be fooling yourself. On the other hand, fantastic bargains can also be had during Venus retrograde. After all, sellers are under the same planetary influence as buyers. One person's undervalued selling price is another's stellar score. (Damn good time to check the flea markets and Internet auctions!)

The holidays are a particularly fascinating occasion during which to witness Venus retrograde in play. Many of us already have plans to get together with loved ones we haven't seen in a while… and as we visit our hometowns, we're tempting fate to throw us together with high-school boyfriends and former best friends. Seeing those with whom we have history again… what a great excuse to finally say what we always wanted to say, putting an end to it once and for all. (Or are we starting it up all over again?)

As for all the gifts we'll be getting and giving—many of which, we all know, are hardly desired on the part of the recipient—I'd expect an extra helping of visits to the returns counters. But if there's any doubt as to whether you want it or don't want it, wait it out a few weeks. I'm sure you have enough old crap clogging up your closets (Xmas presents from years past perhaps?) to clean out, in time for end-of-year tax deductions, to keep you from rushing into returning the new crap right away. And, oh, the promise of those January sales…