The Beginning of Retro-Relief


After nearly three weeks of double-duty retrograde insanity—that is, both personal planets Mercury and Mars moving backwards through our skies—we finally get a partial reprieve.

That's right, folks… Mercury turns direct tomorrow (Sat Dec 3), returning to its regularly scheduled programming. Sort of.

Don't forget, it takes a little while for stationing planets (those that are momentarily stationary, as they transition from direct to retrograde or back again) to pick up their usual momentum. Think about shifting your car from reverse into drive—first, you've got to slow to a complete stop, then shift, and then accelerate to a comfortable cruising velocity.

And the actual day of stationing—in this case, Saturday—often brings some of the most sensational displays of retrograde ruckus we witness. For Mercury, it often entails communicative misunderstandings and mishaps, technological glitches and goof-ups, and transportation woes and waits. Plan extra travel time, and take extra conversational care, this weekend.

But sometimes, Mercury's reversal of direction also brings the long-sought clarity… the answer you'd been stumbling around for in the dark, sitting right smack in front of your face the whole time, where you hadn't bothered to look, busy as you were searching in the backs of closets and underneath sofas. For those of us recently flummoxed by two retrogrades and a grand cross of four clashing planets, this possibility will undoubtedly be welcomed with open arms—or minds.

For the lucky ones who happen upon impromptu insight or convincingly conclusive clarity (finally! at last!), be aware of this: There's no pressing need to declare, proclaim, blurt or broadcast every gratifying point from the highest treetops in town… at least right this second.

During this retrograde period, Mercury snuck back from Sagittarius (a.k.a. the town blurter) into Scorpio, a sign more prone to shrewdly sitting on knowledge than playing every card in the first five minutes. And right as Mercury switches back to direct motion, it makes a lovely sextile (or gently supportive 60-degree angle) to Venus in Capricorn, an aspect that blesses those who converse and contemplate with foresight … and a specific goal in mind. If you don't know what you hope to accomplish by saying it, supposing it or stewing on it, then perhaps you should sit on it.

Once Mercury makes it back into Sagittarius on Mon Dec 12, then you'll be in a better position for proclamation, recitations and on-the-record statements.