A Quite Full Full Moon


Today's a big day, astrologically speaking… exactly what's needed to bring the simmering mania to a head.

It's not just that Venus is moving into Aquarius today, as I already reported, which provides a convenient excuse to affirm the innate strangeness of humankind, by flaunting our individual quirks and whimsies. (How convenient—the out-there observations and eccentric accessories both bind us all together and yet keep the clingers at arm's length!)

There's also a Full Moon today … and not just any Full Moon either. This Full Moon is exactly opposed to dark-but-devilishly-desirable Pluto, which conjoins the Sun later in the day. Take every stereotypical description of the Full Moon's supposed effects—hysteria, raucousness, insanity, magic—and multiply them all by nine. (Nine is the magic number, right?) That's what we're dealing with here, kiddies.

A Moon-Pluto opposition is the classic backdrop for psychological projection, or the act of identifying some difficult-to-process urge, emotion or behavior in somebody else… when, in fact, it's stemming from us. We can't stand how Jeff quietly judges everyone he looks at, we think to ourselves, as we quietly look at Jeff and judge him. We don't know why we keep getting into positions where we are forced to confront some pervert or another's lecherous advances, though we're barely able to acknowledge our own powerful (and sometimes kinky?) libidinous tendencies. Is it that you don't like me… or is it me who isn't terribly fond of you, but can't admit it to myself since I'm, like, the nicest guy?

With the Full Moon in Gemini, the glib-and-gabby social butterfly, there's apt to be lots of little seemingly innocent conversations, offhand remarks and casual chats about nothing… but does an unspoken subtext truly count as 'nothing'? Do we intuit a palpable shadow hanging over the words, deep feelings that aren't being voiced but weigh heavy on the situation? Resentment? Fury? Jealousy? Ambiguous attraction?

Or are we just making it up in our heads?

Pluto knows the truth. If you smell the smoke, you can be damn sure there's fire. We are not inventing what we're picking up… even if we (and not the other party) are the source of the complications. Regardless of where it derives, it's there. And now, thanks to the Plutonian Full Moon, we become aware of it. But what do we do?

Not sure where it's coming from? Hijack the chit-chat to serious territory, and flat-out ask.

Not sure why you're feeling so strongly? Start talking, writing, screaming, yelling, crying, singing, asking yourself the tough questions…and work your way there.

Not able to control it any longer? Go on, blow up. Whatever mess you make, the lessons'll be in the cleanup.

No idea at all? Let the Full Moon bring it on!

Noteworthy manifestations of your own? Let me know.

Be safe but, when need be, brutally honest.