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Venusian Tangles


During the coming week, Venus, now in Cancer, will amble straight into the line of engagement with Pluto and Uranus.

As we now know all too well, symbolic expressions of Uranus-and-Pluto's radically destabilizing square come more starkly into view whenever another faster-moving planet enters their sphere-of-influence by hard aspect.

For those who believe, just because we marked the Uranus-Pluto square's seventh-and-final exact peak back in March, its life-redefining effects have all already come and gone, this week ahead could prove rather illuminating.



Leaving Doors Open, Gemini-Style


As I mentioned in my last article, there's presently little need to make decisive calls that would immediately shut down the multiplicity of options.

With Mars entering Gemini on Monday (May 11) and thus 'reporting' (by dispositorship) to a Mercury-in-Gemini soon to begin a 3-week retrograde (on Mon May 18), this is not the ideal time to choose one thing over another.

Instead, these next several weeks are perfect for getting ourselves to think about alternatives, variations, detours, and departures which might pique our interest, break limiting mental habits, and/or connect us with inspiring new characters.



Catching our Breath, Chewing on Possibilities


Now, on the other side of March's 'crazy-active' astrology (which I described here and here), we have a few moments to catch our collective breath.

The current vibe is significantly more grounding and slower-paced, with the Sun, Mercury, and Mars all presently in Taurus, an earth-sign which typically prefers to keep its feet planted… or, if they must be moved, to drag them along at a modest (or plodding) rate, to ensure each step lands safely and securely. That's a marked shift from last month's hyper-Aries influence, which was, for better and/or for worse, a more 'act first and ask questions later' energy.

This is not to imply, of course, we have a total absence of notable planetary aspects. As I write this, Mercury and Mars are conjunct in Taurus (exact today, Apr 22), after both having recently formed squares to Jupiter in Leo.



The Begrudging Importance of Being Human


It is no accident that my longest recent lapse in writing (other than the steady stream of horoscopes) coincided with the most 'crazy-active' astrology of the year.

As a combination 'professional astro-scribe' and 'humble participant in humanity', I sometimes find my attentions split between these jobs.

How sincerely heartfelt will my writings be if I feign superhuman detachment from the influences in question, as so many 'experts' do in adopting that oh-so-evolved authorial tone which reifies their observations and experiences as some cosmic truth?



Equinox Eclipse Reflections on the Final Uranus-Pluto Square


The world's been crazy, hanging on a thread, spinning on its side for so long now, it's as if we've forgotten how to look at life from any other angle than this perpetually screwed-up one.

Uranus and Pluto, our two ultra-potent transpersonal-planet juggernauts, have been in continuous square (or tense 90-degree angle) to one another for three long years. The 2010s will go down in histories, both collective and personal, as the bumpy instigation-marker of massive transitions… though, still in it as we are, we cannot yet understand their full extent.

It's almost hard to believe, then, we're welcoming the seventh and final exact Uranus-Pluto square tomorrow (Mon Mar 16).